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6th-Jun-2012 08:29 pm(no subject)
Dean + Impala OTP

Are you looking for a new landcomm?
Are you looking for a place that you can share your joy of glee and take it to the next level?

Come on down to brand spanking new gleek_land

A place where three teams (Acapella, Broadway and Mash Up) battle it out through challenges.
Creating fics, graphics, playing group games and puzzles. Earning points for your teams. Having a blast in team chats.

A place where anyones ship is accepted, no matter how crazy :D

Follow your favourite Gleeks through graduation and beyond as we take the journey with them.

You think this might be the place for you?
Application Post: Apply here
You won't regret it.
27th-Feb-2012 09:18 pm - image update
So I just got a great email from imageshack.com... it seems that I'm nearing my 500 image limit (I call bullshit but whatevers) and since I really can't afford to expand my membership I need to erase some of the images.

So what I'm doing is I'm going to save previous entry images. Before that I'll do a screen-cap of said post so if in a later date you or a friend would like that particular icon I can give you a copy :)

Sound good?

so yeah that will be in the next few days here. Sorry for any confusion!

15th-Feb-2012 06:42 pm - Icons!
Dean + Impala OTP
These are for landofart's challenge set it up :)


61 icons total
Stock (28)
Ben Graupner (5)
Jackson Rathbone (6)
Jackson & Ashley (5)
Jasper Hale (3)
Alice Cullen (3)
Jasper & Alice (4)
The Queen of Hearts (2)
Kaya Scodelario (1)
Hunter Parrish (1)
Robert Sheenhan (1)
Robert Downey Jr. (1)
Elle Fanning (1)

more here!Collapse )
7th-Feb-2012 12:02 pm - Jasper's Playlist
Dean + Impala OTP
So for this challenge over at landofart we were to make a playlist in a character's POV. At first I was all "oooh! I wanna do it at Alice!" but that was harder than I thought. LOL So I switched it to Jasper and thanks to Logan (aka: @logan_samuels) I went with the Playlist centered around Alice. so Enjoy. and remember that this is most likely OOC for Canon Jasper. ;)

A Journey into Jasper's iPodCollapse )
2nd-Jan-2012 04:19 am - Land Of Art Challenges
Dean + Impala OTP
Going through my to do list and have several things from landofart done. So I thought I would share them here with y'all.

Friends Only BannersCollapse )

Christmas WishlistCollapse )
20th-Dec-2011 04:46 pm - Merry Christmas!
Dean + Impala OTP
So I was a secret santa and I suck at graphic ideas but these are for darkmagic_luvr and jadedlioness Hope you enjoy :)

Gifts here!Collapse )
8th-Dec-2011 09:47 pm - Santa hats anyone?
Dean + Impala OTP

Yep I did it. I made crappy Santa hat things. They're for a challenge at (you guessed it) landofart lol Thought I would share :D

Icons and other banner options hereCollapse )
7th-Dec-2011 05:35 pm - Christmas mixes!
Dean + Impala OTP
Hello! So at landofart we have a challenge where we can create up to two Holiday themed mixes. So here are my entries. :)

A Cheery Holiday mix!Collapse )
A funnier type of Christmas AlbumCollapse )
30th-Nov-2011 05:41 pm - Sorting Hat thingy
Dean + Impala OTP
So over at landofart, we're having a challenge where we're the sorting hat and place a character into a house. So here's my first attempt at this, hopefully I did it justice :D

Welcome to Hogwarts!Collapse )
18th-Nov-2011 11:48 pm - 20+ Doctor Who Icons
Dean + Impala OTP
27 Doctor Who icons (mainly from "Let's Kill Hitler") I made cause I'm bored lol.


Spoilers SweetieCollapse )
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